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Office Space
Office Space
Office space comes in all sizes, from 1 person offices to entire office buildings housing hundreds of employees. Full-time office space is typically for more established or funded companies that prefer a longer lease term and will furnish and staff the space themselves.
Virtual Office
Virtual Office
A virtual offices is perfect for companies that need a business address in a certain city, but not a full-time office lease. Virtual office locations usually provided services such as a business address, mail handling, meeting rooms, day offices, and short-term furnished office space.
Meeting Rooms
Meeting Rooms
Meeting rooms can be rented by the hour or day. Business centers offer meeting rooms to drop-in clients that need a place to meet with clients once in a while, but don’t need a full-time office space lease.
Private Offices
Private Offices
Small businesses or off-site employees often need a single private office, not an entire office space. Single private offices are usually rented by the month or day, and usually fit 1-4 people.
Retail Space
Retail Space
Most retail spaces are ground level, street front locations. Retail space is necessary for businesses that want their customers to regularly visit the retail store for products and/or services, such as a clothing store, Starbucks, T-mobile or restaurant space.
Restaurant and bar space is considered a retail location type. Businesses looking for this type of space can find existing spaces that are already equipped for food and beverage service or can be built out from a previous use.
Warehouse space can be used for all types of businesses that need production space and/or storage for their products. Some warehouses can be rented for alternative uses, such as a sporting facility or event space.
Event Space
Event Space
Event space can be used for all types of events, including weddings, birthday parties, company parties, launch events, beer & wine tastings and more.

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