May 16, 2017

Cancel – Refund Request


All cancellations and refund requests must be made via email to and to no other email or phone at ICS.


As stated via the service ordered, this is a month-to-month or one year agreement and can be cancelled by either party given 30 days written notice via email, unless subtenant prepays one year in advance. If an annual monthly payment plan, there is a $40 cancellation fee if cancelled within 12 months. There is no cancellation fee prepaid annual plans. In the event Subtenant registers the location in their company or personal name with Google, Bing, Yahoo, the Washington State Department of Licensing, Department of Revenue, and/or the Secretary of State, and Subtenant terminates their rental agreement within 12 months, Subtenant understands a cancellation fee of $100 will be charged. If subtenant cancels their month-to-month personal or business mailbox or coworking rental agreement within 12 months of sign-up, there is a $40 cancellation fee.