Professional Mailbox Services for Personal & Business Use

What does InCitySpace do?

InCitySpace provides a real street address for business and personal use, as well as office space, meeting rooms, and event space. We offer a full-service address for all your business and personal needs. Unlike a PO Box location, our staff can accept and sign for all types of mail and packages of all sizes. Our offices and meeting rooms provide a cost effective way to meet with clients or simply get some work done without having to go to Starbucks. Our Seattle mailing address service is great for business or personal use.

How many people or businesses can be on a single account?

Personal mailbox accounts can have up to 4 personal names in which we accept mail. Business accounts allow 4 personal names and two company name.

Can you add more people or business names to your account?

Yes, you simply sign up another account with InCitySpace for the additional person or business name. We charge $29.95/month or $299/year for business accounts and $9.95/mo or $99/year for personal accounts.

Can we scan your mail to you?

Absolutely, we can scan mail to  you whenever you need it. We provide mail scanning up to 20 individual mail items or max 100 pages per scan for $11.75.

Who uses InCitySpace?

Local, regional, and worldwide companies use us as a business address and office center here in Seattle, WA. Hundreds of personal households use our service to receive all their mail and packages, safely and securely.

Are your mail items secure?

All mail items and packages are received by our staff and secured for pick-up, forwarding, or mail scan to email. You never have to worry about your items being taken, given we are a secure commercial office location.

Why is InCitySpace better than the competition?

That's simple. We provide a lot more for less. We charge low monthly flat fees for all our services, and low-cost on-demand fees when you need your mail immediately. We don't nickle and dime our clients.

Is it a month-to-month or annual contract?

We offer both month-to-month and annual plans.  You can choose which makes the most sense for you. Annual plans save you 17% and are prepaid for the entire year. Month-to-month plans can be cancelled at anytime with a minimum 2 month contract.

Can someone else pick-up my mail for me?

Yes. They must be on file with a copy of their photo ID and confirmation via email that they are approved to pick-up your mail

Are meeting rooms free?

If you are on a workspace plan meeting rooms are always free on a first come first service basis. Anyone can schedule meeting room use for $50/hour.

Is it a commercial / physical location?

Yes. We are a physical office location in Seattle. We are not a PO box facility. Our business street address is 5608 17th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98107. We have staff on-site daily to assist you and accept your mail and packages.

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office in Seattle is a professional business street address, not a PO Box. Our staff provides mail handling services for all our virtual office clients. A virtual office is great for individuals or businesses that need a professional business address, not a PO Box. When people or businesses search for your business online, your professional InCitySpace location shows up. Our location is a professional commercial office building, not a retail mail stop like UPS or FedEx. Our virtual office service in Seattle ensures you look professional.

What are the hours?

Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 6:00pm PST and Friday 9:00 to noon. All mail pick-up and forwarding requests are scheduled online via our website.

Are there any set-up fees?

We charge no set-up fees for your personal mailbox service or business mailing address service, just a monthly fee or annual prepaid fee to get started.

What is the address at InCiitySpace?

5608 17th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98107. When you sign up with InCitySpace, we also provide you a 4-digit suite number which is instantly issued to you once you sign up online.

How long does it take to set-up service?

Your mailing address service is set-up instantly when you sign up online. As soon as you sign up, you'll be able to start using your new Seattle mailing address for all your business and/or personal needs. You can use our address for all personal mail matters, your website, business cards, and much more.

How long has InCitySpace been in business?

Our mailing address and virtual office business was started in 2011.

How do I request mail to be forwarded or scanned to email.

If you need your mail forwarded or scanned to email, the best way is to submit a request online.

Can I pick-up mail on-site?

Yes. You can stop in anytime during business hours to pick-up your mail and packages.

What is the phone number at InCitySpace?


How do I email InCitySpace?

Go to our support tab from the main menu on the website or > click here.

What happens to my mail when I cancel my service?

When you cancel your service with InCitySpace, it is important you change your mailing address with the post office for your business or personal use. All mail is returned to sender 30 days following cancellation.

Does InCitySpace service international clients?

Yes! Hundreds of international clients use the InCitySpace mailing address and virtual office service. We have clients worldwide.

What is the difference between a PO Box and InCitySpace mailbox services?

PO Box services do not sign for and accept packages, and do not have a professional business location. InCitySpace provides a real street address and has staff on-site to sign for and accepts all mail and package types for you.