What does InCitySpace do?

InCitySpace provides a real street address for business and personal use, as well as office space, meeting rooms, and event space. We offer a full-service address for all your business and personal needs. Unlike a PO Box location, our staff can accept and sign for all types of mail and packages of all sizes. Our offices and meeting rooms provide a cost effective way to meet with clients or simply get some work done without having to go to Starbucks. Oh, our coffee is free!!!

How much does a business address cost?

If you need a personal address we charge $14.95/mo. If you need a  business address for your company but do need full-time office space, we charge just $39.95/mo (paid monthly) or $295 (paid yearly) which provides you with a professional, commercial business address for your company, not a PO Box. You can use our address for your website, all your marketing, as well as city, state, and federal licensing for your business. We provide a professional alternative to using your home address, which is unprofessional and unsafe. 

How much does an address for personal use cost?

We charge just $14.95/month for personal or business address services which provides you with a real street address and your own suite number for all your personal mail and packages. We accept all sizes, can sign for your mail as needed, and update your via email every single day as mail arrives so you know when you have mail, and who it is from.

How does mail forwarding work and what does it cost?

Whether you have a personal or business account, you can choose to have your mail and packages held for pick-up by you at our Seattle location, or you can have your items forwarded to your preferred location address wherever your are worldwide. We forward all mail and packages every Friday via USPS, or can forward them to you on-demand. We also offer a courier service that can deliver packages to you same day on-demand if you are within 1 hour of Seattle. We also can forward your items out by mail on-demand same day. Mail forwarding every Friday is $10/week + postage if forwarded. Mail forwarding On-demand (meaning only when you call or email and tell us to do so) is also $10 per mail-out + postage.

How much does mail forwarding cost?

If you sign-up for weekly mail forwarding, you are charged any extra $10 per week to have your items forwarded every Friday. If you are not signed-up for mail forwarding but occasionally need on-demand mail forwarding, the charge is $10 per forwarding.

When can you pick-up your mail?

You can pick-up your mail Monday - Saturday from 8:30am to 8:30pm.

Are meeting rooms free?

If you are on our Weekly Workspace Plan or 24/7 Workspace plan meetings rooms are always free on a first-come first-serve basis. 

Can we scan your mail to you?

Absolutely, we can scan mail to  you whenever you need it. Unlimited mail scanned to you daily throughout the month is an additional $50/mo. You can also have mail scanned to you On-Demand, only when you need it for $10 each time.

Who uses InCitySpace?

Local, regional, and worldwide companies use us as a business address and office center here in Seattle, WA. Hundreds of personal households use our 24/7 Box Drop Personal Mail service to receive mail packages. 

Are your mail items secure?

All mail items and packages are received by our staff and secured for pick-up, forwarding, or delivery. You never have to worry about your items being taken, given we are a secure commercial office location.  

Why is InCitySpace better than the competition?

That's simple. We provide a lot more for less. We provide free meeting room and workstation use. We offer items scanned to email on-demand. 

Is it a month-to-month or annual contract?

We offer both month-to-month and annual plans.  You can choose which makes the most sense for you. Annual plans save you 50% and are prepaid for the entire year. Month-to-month plans can be cancelled at anytime.

Can someone else pick-up my mail for me?

Yes. They must be on file with a copy of their photo ID and confirmation via email that they are approved to pick-up your mail

Is it a commercial / physical location?

Yes. We are a physical office location in Seattle. We are not a PO box facility. Our business street address is 1546 NW 56th Street, Seattle, WA 98107. We have staff on-site daily to assist you.