November 29, 2021

Nationwide Virtual Office Locations


Build an Instant Presence

Build your business presence fast in Seattle, with an instant professional company address and the virtual office services you need.

Prestigious Seattle Office Location

ICS offers a professional office location in Seattle to help you establish your presence with a prestigious business street address, not a PO Box.

How it works

View the 800 5th Avenue Location Online

Choose a Mail Handling Plan

Select the mail handling service plan you need. ICS will physically forward your mail to your preferred location anywhere worldwide.



Automatic Mail Forwarding

Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly

Your mail is automatically forwarded to you by mail once per week, bi-weekly, or once per month. No online order request required. Items are updated in your online mailbox for review, then shipped to you by mail. 

Sign Up Online

You can sign up and set-up your new Virtual Office Business address online in a matter of minutes.

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We will discuss your requirements, and ensure you choose the best location and service plan for your business needs.

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