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Nationwide Registered Agent Services

We provide Registered Agent Services in all 50 states nationwide. We can register any type of entity, including corporations, LLC's, limited partnerships, or any other state approved entity type, including for-profit and non-profit entities.


Every corporation, LLC, or Limited Partnership must have a registered agent (also known as a “resident agent,” “statutory agent” or “agent of process”) in their state of formation, and in any state the company qualifies to do business in. The registered agent ensures you receive all important legal documents such as service of process (meaning a notice of a lawsuit) and official governmental notices. This is a critical service as it can determine if you win or loose a lawsuit.


Fast & Easy Sign Up & Registration Process

Complete our online sign up form and receive our address to use in your state immediately. Need help with filing your state document? Our team is ready to assist you submit your filing.


Free Online Entity Management Tools

All of our clients receive free and complimentary access to our suite of online entity management tools that includes a compliance calendar to help you manage your business compliance.


Our Experienced National Registered Agent Team is Ready to Assist You

We have over 15 years of experience supporting businesses of all sizes with their registered agent needs. Our team can answer questions and help you through the process so you don’t have to do it alone.

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