Terms and Conditions

ICS Client / Mailbox User

Upon signing up online with ICS Virtual Office LLC , hereinafter referred to as "ICS Virtual Office" or "ICS" or "InCitySpace" or "Center" and commercial tenant, hereinafter referred to as "Customer", "Subtenant" or "Client" the following terms and conditions are agreed between ICS and Client.

The commercial rental service agreement commences upon the date of sign-up and receipt of prepaid rental dues, which include monthly or annual dues from Client to ICS, and a set-up fee (if applicable). This agreement is executed online, and is considered executed at the time of payment to ICS by Client online. By submitting payment online to ICS, Client agrees to all terms and conditions outlined within this agreement. ICS does not provide refunds.

For and in consideration of the payment of the rents and the performance of the covenants contained on the part of the Client, ICS does hereby demise and let unto the Client, and Client hires from ICS for use as a commercial place to do business and/or receive business and/personal mail, those certain premises described located at: 5608 17th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107, or an alternative partner location listed within the ICS website, for a period commencing upon the date of sign-up and receipt of prepaid rent from Client to ICS. The monthly or annual rental rate and prepaid rent is the amount submitted by Client in writing online, in-person, or verbally by phone.

Term & Cancellation Policy

Personal Mailbox Agreements for non-business use are 6 month agreements, then auto-renew month-to-month after the initial 6 months. Personal Mailbox agreements can be cancelled by client with 30 days written notice via the ICS Service Cancellation Form, following the end of the 6 month term or 30 days preceding the 6 month end date, unless Client prepays one year in advance. In the event client defaults on their agreement, or card declines, any and all refundable deposits (if applicable) become immediately non-refundable. ICS charges a one-time, non-refundable sign-up fee. There is a $500 fee charged to clients that use ICS Personal Mailboxes for business purposes. Client must sign up for a business mailing address if they intend to use it for business related matters.

Virtual Office Business Address Agreements are for business purposes and are 6 month agreements if paid monthly, and 12 month agreements if paid upfront annually, then auto-renew after the initial 6 month or 12 month term on a month-to-month basis or annual basis depending upon the plan chosen by Client. Business Mailbox agreements can be cancelled by client with 30 days written notice via email, following the end of the 6 or 12 month term or 30 days preceding the 6 or 12 month end date. In the event client defaults on their agreement, or card declines, any and all refundable deposits (if applicable) become immediately non-refundable. ICS may charge a one-time sign up fee which is non-refundable. ICS does not prorate months upon cancellation. If Client's bill date falls within 30 days of the Client's cancellation notice, cancellation will occur 30 days following the final bill date or final day of the existing service term.

Upon Cancellation, Client must update and remove the ICS address or partner address from all State, Federal, and City licenses, Google Business, Client website, and provide a copy of a signed USPS Mail Forwarding Form showing Client's new address with USPS. No deposits (if applicable) are returned until updates have been confirmed by ICS, removing the Client from the ICS associated mailing address. Monthly and annual service fees cannot be cancelled until updates and removal of the ICS associated mailing address as noted above have been completed by Client. There is a $500 fee charged to clients that use ICS Personal Mailboxes for business.

Names Per Account: All Subtenant plans for business at the 5608 17th Avenue NW location in Seattle allow two business names and four personal names in which we will receive and process mail. All Subtenant Personal Mailbox plans at ICS allow four personal names an NO company names. Terms vary by location.

Delinquent Accounts & Late Fees: All accounts that are late beyond the scheduled automatic bill date are charged a $40 NSF fee. If the account is not brought current within 10 business days of the initial bill date, their is an additional $60 NSF fee. Accounts that go late in excess of 30 may be terminated. Upon termination due to non-payment, all mail received is returned to sender. ICS may notify all state and federal licensing departments that the business is no longer at the ICS location as well as USPS. Delinquent accounts in excess of $100.00 are sent to collections after 60 days and filed in Small Claims court with King County, Wa.

Upon signing up for a Subtenant Rental Plan with ICS, your credit card will be billed in accordance with your plan chosen. All agreements are billed electronically on the day of sign-up and  every 30 days from the date of sign-up thereafter until cancellation, or annually if on an annual plan. ICS Clients must give 30 days written notice via email to cancel services. ICS does not refund the prepaid last month's rent.

Mail Handling Fees

Mail can be forwarded automatically once per week or On-Demand. Mail can be scanned to email once per week or On-Demand. Mail handling fees vary by location and are subject to change. Mail handling fees are listed on the website and are subject to change at the discretion of ICS.

Service Pricing

ICS markets our Business Address and Personal Mailbox services for ICS associated locations at variable base rate pricing depending upon the time of year. Promotional pricing is valid through the initial 6 month term, then subject to change following the initial 6 month term at ICS management discretion. Promotional pricing is not available to existing clients. Existing clients may not cancel their existing service to sign up at promotional rates, and are not eligible for promotional rates if their account has been delinquent at any time during their service agreement with ICS.

The terms of this agreement will commence upon receipt of payment for rents and fees associated within the agreement and confirmation of that payment from Subtenant to ICS.

These terms and conditions including all pricing can be changed at anytime by ICS. ICS does not provide any refunds on completed orders.

Additional Terms and Conditions

1. This Mailbox Service Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into by the customer identified above (“Customer”) for the use of and services related to a mailbox, including key(s) and/or access code(s) to Center premises and the mailbox (collectively, “Mailbox”) at ICS in Seattle or an ICS partner location under the terms set forth herein. In the event Center provides lockers/locker services to Customer, the term Mailbox as defined above shall also include lockers, the locker Package Management Tool (defined below), and key(s) and/or access code(s) to lockers. Some locations user behind counter mail services and do not provide keys for access.

2. Customer agrees that Customer will not use Center premises, Mailbox, or any Center services for any unlawful, illegitimate, or
fraudulent purpose, or for any purpose prohibited by U.S. postal regulations. Customer further agrees that any use of Mailbox shall be in conformity with this Agreement and all applicable federal, state, and local laws. Each individual or entity must complete a separate United States Postal Service® Form 1583 (“Form 1583”) to be authorized to receive mail or packages at Mailbox.

3. Copies of this Agreement and Form 1583, including Customer’s name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number, may be stored at the Center. This Agreement and Form 1583 shall remain confidential. This Agreement, Form 1583, and your personal information may be disclosed to Vendor, and upon written request of any law enforcement or other governmental agency, and when otherwise legally mandated. Upon request, Customer agrees to complete all necessary documents, including Form 1583 and any required acknowledgment form relating to service of process. Customer further agrees to sign a revised version of this Agreement and Form 1583 whenever any information required on this Agreement or Form 1583 changes.

4. Possession of Mailbox key or access code shall be considered valid evidence that the possessor is duly authorized to remove any contents from Mailbox. In the event of death or incapacity of Customer, Center will require the appropriate documents from the Probate Court, the executor of the estate, the trustee, or other similar person or entity before releasing mail or packages to a requesting party.

5. Customer agrees to pay:
a. An initial set-up fee (if applicable) (which may include a mailbox set-up fee, and other fees associated with opening a mailing address account with ICS);
b. A mailbox key box code fee (if applicable); and
c. Any applicable monthly or annual service fees.
Mailbox base service fees are all due and payable in advance if on an annual plan at the time of account creation, and monthly if on a monthly plan, and Customer agrees that Center may withhold mail and packages from Customer pending payment. There will be no pro-rations or refunds for cancellation of any service. Customer agrees to pay a late fee of $40 if any payment is not received when due. 

Customer understands and agrees that Center uses a locker package management tool (“Package Management Tool”) provided by ICS. After accepting a package for Customer under this Agreement, Center may notify Customer of the receipt of the package via telephone, e-mail, or text message. The e-mail includes a link to Package Management Tool site where Customer may elect to (a) retrieve the package from a Center employee during business hours (“InPerson Retrieval”), or (b) retrieve the package from a locker that is accessible to Customer after regular business hours, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. Customer must retrieve packages from the lobby locker within 1 day (24 hours). Packages not picked up within that timeframe will be removed from the lobby locker and must be rescheduled for pick-up. For In-Person Retrieval, Customer may be required to present a valid government issued photo identification each time Customer picks up packages from Center. All package and mail pick-ups required online pick-up scheduling via the ICS website. For Lobby Locker Retrieval, Customer will receive an access code(s) for Customer to input into Package Management Tool device(s) located in-Center and retrieve the package from a locker.

In the event that Customer receives an unreasonable volume of mail or packages in excess of 100 packages or mail items per month at Mailbox, according to Center’s reasonable judgment, Center may require Customer to upgrade to a different mail handling plan and pay any additional charge. Center reserves the right to increase Mailbox service fees in the event that Customer adds additional individuals or entities to the names of those individuals or entities authorized to receive mail and packages at Mailbox pursuant to Form 1583. Mailbox Service Agreement Centers are independently owned and operated

6. Customer agrees that upon expiration, cancellation, or termination of this Agreement, Customer will file a change of address order with the post office. Customer and Center further agree that upon expiration, cancellation, or termination of this Agreement, Customer authorizes Center to accept and destroy any “Unsolicited Mail” (e.g., mail addressed to “occupant,” “current resident,” or similar designation; or coupons, advertising, or other promotional material) and any mail addressed to Customer that is delivered to Center by the United States Postal Service for six (6) months; and may refuse any package addressed to Customer delivered by any party other than the United States Postal Service, such as a commercial carrier service. However, at Customer’s election, Center will:

7. Six (6) months after the expiration, cancellation, or termination of this Agreement, Center may:
a. Refuse any mail or package addressed to Customer and delivered to Center.
b. Destroy any of Customer’s mail or packages remaining at Center at such time.

8. Customer authorizes Center to complete and file a Shipper’s Export Declaration as “agent” on behalf of Customer as “principal party in interest” when necessary and to act on behalf of Customer as Customer’s true and lawful agent for purposes of any and all re-mailing, including any re-mailing that requires the filing of a Shipper’s Export Declaration by Center (i.e., any export transaction), in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United States. Customer further agrees to provide Center with true, accurate, and complete information regarding the contents of any mail or packages to be re-mailed by Center, whether during the term of this Agreement or after termination or cancellation.

9. The term of this Agreement shall be the initial period paid for by Customer and any renewal period paid for by Customer from time to time. Renewal of this Agreement for additional terms shall be at Center’s sole discretion.

10. Customer agrees that Center may terminate or cancel this Agreement for good cause at any time by providing Customer with written notice. Good cause shall include but is not limited to: 1) Customer abandons Mailbox; 2) Customer uses Mailbox for unlawful, illegitimate, or fraudulent purposes; 3) Customer fails to pay monies owed Center when due; 4) Customer receives an unreasonable volume of mail or packages; 5) Customer engages in offensive, abusive, or disruptive behavior toward other customers of Center or Center’s employees; and 6) Customer violates any provision of this Agreement. Customer acknowledges that, for the purpose of determining good cause for termination of this Agreement as provided herein, the actions of any person authorized by Customer to use Mailbox will be attributed to Customer.

11. Any written notice to Customer required or permitted under this Agreement shall be deemed delivered twenty-four (24) hours after placement of such notice in Customer’s Mailbox or at the time personally delivered to Customer. In the event of a termination notice based upon abandonment of Mailbox, notice shall be deemed delivered (a) on the next day after placing in the hands of a commercial carrier service or the United States Postal Service for next day delivery, or (b) five (5) days after placement in the United States Mail by Certified Mail®, Return Receipt Requested, postage pre-paid, and addressed to Customer at Customer’s address as set forth in Form 1583, or on the date of actual receipt, whichever is earlier.

12. As Customer’s authorized agent for receipt of mail, Center will accept all mail, including registered, insured, and certified items, and, if authorized on Form 1583, restricted mail (i.e., mail where the sender has paid a fee to direct delivery only to an individual addressee or addressee’s authorized agent). Unless prior arrangements have been made, Center shall only be obligated to accept mail or packages delivered by commercial carrier services, which require a signature from Center as a condition of delivery. Customer must accept and sign for all mail and packages upon the request of Center. Packages not picked up within 60 days of notification will be subject to a storage fee of $5 per day per package until picked-up, which must be paid before Customer receives the package. (This applies regardless of whether Customer elected In-Person Retrieval or Locker Retrieval.) In the event Customer refuses to accept any mail or package, or fails to pick up any mail or package within the maximum number days, Center may return the mail or package to the sender and Customer will be responsible for any postage or other fees associated with such return. If Center is unable to return a package to the shipper for any reason at all, including, but not limited to, Center’s inability to identify the shipper or a return address, Customer authorizes Center to dispose of the package in accordance with state law. C.O.D. items will be accepted ONLY if prior arrangements have been made and payment in advance is provided to Center. In those states where Center is required by law to act as Customer’s agent for service of process, Customer hereby authorizes Center to act as Customer’s agent for service of process, and this authorization shall remain in effect for as long as this Agreement is in effect, or as long as required by state law, whichever is later. Center agrees to follow its standard procedures for the timely placement of mail received at Center and addressed to Customer into Customer’s Mailbox, and Customer hereby releases and agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Center from any and all liability that may arise at any time in connection with Center’s actions or status as Customer’s agent for service of process.

13. Customer agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Center, and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, parent
corporations, franchisees, officers, directors, agents, and employees from and against any and all losses, damages, expenses, claims, demands, liabilities, judgments, settlement amounts, costs, and causes of action of every type and character arising out of or in connection with the use or possession of Mailbox, including without limitation, any demands, claims, and causes of action for personal injury or property damage arising from such use or possession, from failure of the United States Postal Service or any commercial carrier service to deliver on time or otherwise deliver any items (mail, packages, etc.), from damage to or loss of any package or mail, or to Mailbox contents by any cause whatsoever, from Center’s collection or remission of sales, use, or any other taxes, including, but not limited to, Center’s failure to refund any amounts that have been collected or remitted, from any penalties, fines, or other liabilities that arise out of, or in connection with, Center’s actions or status as Customer’s agent with respect to export transactions, or Center’s completion and filing of any Shipper’s Export Declaration on behalf of Customer, and from any violation by Customer of applicable federal, state, or local laws, or the laws of any foreign jurisdiction. In the event that Center submits or processes any sales, use, or other tax refund claim on behalf of Customer, Customer agrees to cooperate fully with Center, including, but not limited to, providing any and all information and documentation necessary to process or submit such a claim.

14. Customer acknowledges and agrees to all terms outlined within this agreement.


16. Customer must use the exact mailing address for Mailbox without modification as set forth by ICS. The United States Postal Service will return mail without a proper address to the sender endorsed “Undeliverable as Addressed.”

17. Delivery by commercial carrier services must be made to Center street address only (and not to a P.O. Box). “P.O. Box” may be used only if it is part of Customer’s “Caller Service” (arrangement for delivery of mail through Centers using a United States Postal Service address) address format.

18. Upon signing this Agreement, Customer shall provide two (2) forms of valid identification, one of which shall include a photograph. This Agreement may not be amended or modified, except in a writing signed by both parties.

An additional agreement may be required depending upon the service location chosen by Client.

By submitting payment online to ICS, Client agrees to all terms and conditions outlined within this agreement.